History and Mission

In 2008, Chris Morel, Honorary Citizen of Beijing and Shanghai, partnered up with VD&P and a group of collaborators from his European and Chinese business and governmental network to set up a company with a very clear mission:

“to offer a no-nonsense business platform where Chinese and European entrepreneurs find each other.”

ChESS services

This was the main reason for us to establish ChESS: China Europe Strategy Solutions. From the very beginning, ChESS could rely on a rich experience and a strong track record of each of its founding partners in the following specialties:  M&A, sourcing, strategic management decisions. On top of that, ChESS boasts the unique strength of a combination of a strong political & entrepreneurial network in both China and Europe, and the unique advantage of a multilingual management team (Chinese, English, French, Dutch). All these ingredients combined mix well into a successful business cocktail in China.

ChESS aims to bridge Chinese and European entrepreneurs and companies, and strives for a good cooperation with mutual benefits.