Project References


Punch international

Complete investment project:

  • Identification of investment grounds and assistance during the negotiations
  • Administrative support and obtaining the business license in a short period of time.

cotton invest

Cotton Invest Group

  • Support during the start-up of own production plant in Wuhan
  • Sourcing of disposable gauze and bandage materials



Federal Participation and Investment Corporation (Belgian FPIM)

Preparation of the setup of the so-called ‘Mirror Fund’
(Belgium China Direct Equity Investment Fund)


grand tech

Grand Tech

OEM expansion project in Shenzhen



LMS (Belgium)

Introduction to MII of China. Outlining corporate strategy and establishment of cooperation between LMS and Chinese partner company



Shanghai Bell

Negotiation with Samsung and Shanghai Bell for CDMA JVC. Samsung was established in 2001.



EMAG Group

Assistance during acquisition of 50% of the shares of EMAG Group, a German group of machine tools companies, by a Chinese company. Investment € 100mio.



Jinsheng Industry

Sale of 70% of the shares respectively of their textile machinery company and a textile machinery parts company to Saurer AG.




  • Member of Investment Committee
  • Introduction and successful deal closing for 2 overseas direct investments through the Mirror Fund which is managed by A Capital.



  •  Sourcing and QC of train wheels supply in Tunisia
  • ChESS identified the factory, guided the negotiations and supervised production, workmanship and good delivery




Partner search and market entry: ChESS identified the Chinese distributor, guided during the sole distributorship agreement negotiations and is still actively consulting both parties in their daily operations


aertssen deme JdN


As part of the larger consignment team, ChESS assisted in the procurement of over 100 containers solar modules for the largest PV power plant in the Benelux. ChESS assisted during the supplier shortlisting, identification, final negotiations, QC and pre-shipment inspection.


shanghai dynamic

Shanghai Dynamic Industrial Co. Ltd.

  • Setup and hosting of EU procurement office
  • ChESS not only set up the company, but is also involved in the daily management and EU purchases on behalf of key accounts such as Cosco, WISCO, Sinochem,…

g-force yachts

G Force Yachts

Setup of holding company, organization of local manufacturing in mainland China and outlining the local and global sales strategy and royalty-based manufacturing.




Drylock Technologies

Distributor identification and strategic advice; guidance during the distributorship contract negotiations and operational follow-up for both parties




Supplier identification, QC and logistic follow-up during the purchase of counter weights for cranes; cross-trade for a project in the Middle East